Our history by year


Takeover of the television supply in Geithain-Ost

Start project Areal Moisture-Monitoring of the building envelope by Moisture-Cable-Monitoring (MCM) with project partner Materialforschungs- und -prüfanstalt an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (MFPA).


Start project "in Seat" in cooperation with the Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V. STFI Chemnitz


Participation in various national research projects for the development of new innovative products

Fiber optic network expansion of the GAG Burgstädt cable network, including optical project planning

Introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR in the company


April - Completion of the extensive construction work in the company headquarters in the areas: retail store, PC workshop and IT office

Takeover of maintenance and service work for the cable system in Penig


September - Award as partner of the fire brigade

Takeover of television supply in Niederfrohna

Reconstruction and renovation of shop and PC workshop as well as IT office area at the company headquarters


25 years of SAT-Kabel GmbH

Takes over television supply in Lunzenau / OT Göritzhain


New product: LTE 700 field strength measuring system – selective field strength measurement for RF leakage detection in CATV systems, rapid elimination of radiation

Further development of digital measurement technology – TVMeter HD (Touch), CATVmeter


New product: SPM 6 PC – enables rapid level control on subscriber terminal boxes, via preset channel lists from each of the TV cable networks


Change of channel assignments in our cable systems due to the deactivation of analogue transmission by television broadcasters


New product: SPM 6 R — developed for rapid acceptance and logging of network level 4 (NE4) subscriber terminals

Member of FRK – professional association for broadcast and broadband communication

Agreements with the GEMA and VG Media on channel re-broadcasting rights


20 years of SAT-Kabel GmbH

Purchase of property at Chemnitzer Straße 15 and Schillerstraße 45 in Burgstädt in order to extend the company site – construction of car park and lorry entrance with gate system


SchuTSEV adopted – order on the protection of public telecommunications networks and radio receiving and transmission stations operating in defined frequency ranges for safety purposes

Responded to this order by developing the SPM 22 KF – electromagnetic interference measurement and RF leakage detection with corresponding accessories in TV cable networks


New product: SPM 6 – user-specific HF level meter – development for Kabel Deutschland Vertrieb und Service GmbH


Return channel configuration with new product RKS return channel case


Nominated for the award Innovative Medium-Sized Business 2006

MIK 9 S – mini info channel as an information and advertising channel for cable or hotel channels

IRM 7 and IRM 7 MMC - processor-controlled impulse reflectometer for fault location and checking of transmission and energy supply cables


Registration of a utility model for the development of the level tester – for determining the quality of analogue and digital television signals in cable television systems


SAT-Kabel GmbH becomes an Internet service provider — sat-kabel-online.de

Presentation of a world first at ANGA Cable: the SPM 22 MMC signal level meter with multimedia card for measuring analogue and digital levels


Numerous project planning services for cable television systems

New product: KFG 1 – field strength measurement and RF leakage detection with alphanumeric identification of the respective CATV system

LS 300 - Leakage probe for RF leakage detection in CATV systems

SSP-Set and accessories – electromagnetic interference testing set for CATV systems

RCÜ – Return channel cluster monitoring system – developed for Salzburg AG


SAT-Kabel GmbH becomes a figurative mark

SAT-Kabel becomes a distribution partner for the AND project planning programme by the company CDS

Patent for the new product development KZG 24 and indicator device – device for the allocation of coaxial cables

Patent for the new product development RFG 6 and RSU 5-65 – for analysing fault signals in the return channel and for configuring return channels in CATV systems


Extensive renovation of the company building including the creation of a training space for around 30 participants


The company takes part for the first time in the ANGA Cable trade fair in Cologne

Starts manufacturing amplifier points for well-known cable network operators such as Primacom and Kabel Deutschland Vertrieb und Service GmbH

SAT-Kabel GmbH divests itself of Burgstädter Kabelzeitung by setting up RG Regional-TV GmbH for media law reasons


The company moves into the Burgstädt complex at Chemnitzer Straße 11 t

Takes over television supply in parts of Wittgensdorf

The company takes part for the first time in the FRK Congress in Leipzig (professional association for broadcast and broadband communication)


Purchase of the Burgstädt company complex at Chemnitzer Straße 11

Decision taken to expand the GAG Burgstädt cable television system into a multimedia system: high-speed Internet and telephony


Launch of digital television in our cable systems

Leasing of various premises to extend our commercial site


Member of the Chemnitz Electricians’ Guild, Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)


Production of the in-house television programme “What’s happening around Taurastein” for Burgstädt and neighbouring communities and the introduction of video text for Burgstädter Kabelzeitung


Takes over television supply in parts of Ottendorf-Okrilla

Takes over Burgstädter Kabelzeitung and develops it into a local television channel for the Burgstädt area


Takes over television supply in parts of Chemnitz–Adelsberg

Development of a specialist wholesale business for antenna technology


Start of close collaboration with Großantennengemeinschaft Burgstädt

Reconstruction, maintenance, expansion and development of the GAG Burgstädt cable network for the town and neighbouring communities


Member of the Trade Association for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering (BGFE)

Registration in the trades register

Maintenance contract with Antennengemeinschaft Hartmannsdorf from the Burgstädt transfer point


SAT-Kabel GmbH founded and articles of association concluded on 30/08/1990 before the GDR notary’s office

Opening of the first shop on 01/09/1990 in Burgstädt – size 8 m2