Measurement & testing technology

Development, production, service and sale of measurement and testing technology with excellent price/performance ratio for different areas of electronics. As well as our own products, we offer products made by other manufacturers that cover the entire spectrum of cable and satellite television, DVB-T/T2, IP-TV and computer and network technology.

Our team of specialists is happy to develop equipment for special applications if you need it.

Measurement and testing technology can be financed via a leasing agreement, hire purchase or by hiring from our partners:

HF measuring technology
Measuring equipment for cable television DVB-C, TVB-T/T2 and satellite reception DVB-S/S2 including graphic representation and storing of measuremt data.
Impulse reflectometer
IRM 70 Processor-controlled impulse reflectometer
Return path testing
Testing and analysis of return channels
CATV management
Management system for TV cable networks for monitoring the functional capability and control of the return path transponder/switch and for eliminating faults and deactivating individual areas.
Interference field strength measurement
Generators and measurement systems for monitoring and limiting interference pulses and interference fields, for eliminating outside influences and emissions from in-house systems.