Research and development

ESF Project – Data logging and control of analog and digital measurement systems over the broadband cable network

Funded by the European Social Funds (ESF) and the Free State of Saxony, since 01.09.2018 the project „Data logging and control of analog and digital measurement systems over the broadband cable network“ in cooperation with the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (institute for energy management) within the Saxon technology funding by the assistance measure InnoTeam.

The project objective is to improve cooperation between universtities and companies in industrial research and experimental development in order to strengthen the innovative capability and competitiveness of the Saxon economy.

The formation of a compentence team is supported, which develops a new product or a technological process and thus acquires knowledge and experience with the work environment that differs in science and economy.

The aim of the innovation project is the development of a new transmission method for measurement values which queries meter readings and switching operations of the electrical, water, gas and heat meters via the broadband cable available in each household. It enables targeted control and influence of switching operations in the respective household.

Based on the findings of the research project a system is made available to the customer after completition of the overall development which digitalizes all consumption values at low cost and is indepentend from the numerous measuring device manufacturers on the market. It will establish the foundations for development of new services which results from the latest legislation for digital meters.


Project planning

Close collaboration with Primacom and various other cable network providers in the region.


Custom manufacturing

Custom product development, production and supply of component modules for companies including for:

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Own cable networks

Operator of our own cable networks including Internet and telephony.

Cable network operator

  • Chemnitz
  • Ottendorf-Okrilla
  • Geithain
  • Göritzhain
  • Wittgensdorf
  • Niederfrohna

Internet Service Provider

  • Burgstädt
  • Claußnitz
  • Hartmannsdorf
  • Hohenleipisch
  • Lunzenau
  • Markersdorf
  • Mohsdorf
  • Mühlau
  • Penig
  • Taura
  • Wittgensdorf (upper area of town)